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Safety Measures

  1. Each person on board is accident insured corresponding to the EU directives
  2. For each person on board is one live jacket available. Thaey are to be found at the designated locations.
  3. Each person has a seat in one of the three automatic life rafts available
  4. For each person on board is a seat at the cushioned benches available. You are obliged to take these seats in emergency cases and when the ship berths and casts off.
  5. In emergency cases everybody is obliged to sit at the advised seats in order to keep alleyway free for the crew.
  6. In emergency cases the orders of the crew and the captain are strictly to be obeyed.
  7. In emergency cases, upon indications from the crew, the live jackets are to be retrieved from the indicated areas. The passengers have to fasten these and take their seat again.
  8. When moving from the ship into the small boats be aware to keep the hands inside the boat and not on top or outside of its borders in order to avoid injuries.
  9. All passengers are obliged to wear life jackets when navigating with the small boat.

Rescue Aids on Board

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