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The History of the "Santa Bernarda"

The Santa Bernarda was built in 1968 at the French Atlantic Coast in Bayonne. Until 1992 the ship served as fishing cutter under the name "Le Trident" in the North Atlantic and the Biscay.

Already retired from fishing duties, the ship entered the harbour of Portimão in 1995. Because of technical deficiencies the crew could not proceed journey and decided to give up the ship and leave it in Portimão, where the actual owner "Santa Bernarda Cruzeiros Ltd" bought the fishing cutter. The cutter was pulled into the shipyard where the plans for the alterations were elaborated.

After 14 months of planning and approval procedures we could finally start conversion at the "Santa Bernarda" in October 1996. Thereby the afterdeck was raised, the whole deck and planking of the hulk renewed with cambala wood.

Le Trident     In Konstruktion     Beplankung

All deposits were built new in stainless steel. The engine also was renewed. After the launch in 1999 the masts were set and the conversion was finally concluded in the year 2000 when Portuguese Water and Shipping Authorities inspected and approved the "Santa Bernarda".

The "Santa Bernarda" started regular cruises along the coast in October 2000. Its base is the harbour of Portimão.

Santa Bernarda Cruzeiros Ltd.
Rua Júdice Fialho, 4
8500–702 Portimão
Algarve – Portugal

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